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How to survive the holidays

How to survive the most improbable and impossible would be an easier request. Every commercial, every tradition, every memory every holiday is wrapped up in your child. The very person for which your heart beats. The person for which, you know there is no going back. You can never have this holiday again. You only get a handful of these early years Christmases. Only one birthday each year. Only one first. Only one first of anything. How is a parent meant to keep breathing through this kind of pain? Suffocating, drowning, in heartbreak.  I think at this point, this is where self care reaches critical.  Treat this like a grieving process.  Give yourself permission to grieve.  Know that you are going to survive. Other people have walked this ahead of you, and others, unfortunately, will follow after. Hold fast, you will survive. Make sure you have atlas one person that can support you through this holiday. Frankly, any less than two is a big ask. It

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